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There are any number of reasons why you might want to do research on business and industry in Windsor, Ontario. Perhaps you're moving there and you want to know if you'll find the same type of jobs Gatineau had. Maybe you're still in school and doing a research project for your social studies class. Or perhaps you're just a naturally curious person. Whatever your reason for visiting this page, it will give you an overview of Windsor's industrial and business sectors and how they impact the economy.


Windsor's nickname "The Automotive Capitol of Canada" has probably tipped you off to the fact that manufacturing (specifically of the auto and auto parts variety) is one of the city's largest industries. Plant closures have dented this dominance in recent years, resulting in a little less need for executive recruitment services at Ford and GM, but the statement is still true. The city is the home of factories belonging to Chrysler, Ford, General Motors, and several smaller tool and part manufacturers.


Being located at the conjunction of a variety of Canadian and American roads and railways has made Windsor a logical departure point and destination in the North American good distribution networks. Tunnels and bridges connecting Windsor with Detroit allow for multinational small businesses like a catering company. Toronto to Windsor to Detroit and back again in a day - not bad for a small business with one van! Ship transit is a biggie too, third largest on the lakes, since Windsor has access to the Detroit River and Lake Erie.

Private Business

In addition to its assembly plant, Chrysler also has its Canadian headquarters in Windsor, which, as you would imagine, drums up a fair bit of business for the city. Hiram Walker and Sons distilleries is another company with its headquarter offices here. In recent years, these two companies have been joined by others specializing in everything from data encryption to pharmaceuticals, diversifying the economy and making it more immune to the effects of the recession. Many of the city's small to medium sized businesses cater to tourists, such as Caesar's casino and the many hotels.

Public Business

You don't see as many class action suits in Canada as you do in the United States, but courts in the city are still going strong, as are Windsor's hospitals and schools, which are all administered by the government. The University of Windsor has 15,000 students enrolled while St. Claire College has 6,500, so neither can be said to be doing poorly. And of course, people are always falling ill or hurting themselves, so Windsor's Hotel-Dieu and Regional hospitals are unlikely to ever go out of business.

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